DIY Basement Entertainment Room

Some people like keeping their basements as they are. Others? Not so much.

Take this guy, for example. Not only didn’t he like his basement as it is, he didn’t even like having just a regular, old TV. And so, he decided to do something about it.

Although a pretty simple project, the results will make you want to have your own similar entertainment room ASAP.

Here’s a quick test run of the projector screen.


Here’s the skeleton layout of the storage cabinet that would serve as the housing for the entertainment system.


As you can see, the guy’s a bit of a gamer, with various consoles on the cabinet. The same cabinet would also serve as the perfect place for the various remotes he’ll be using.


Here’s the projector screen on the wall framed out.


He then added some stonework to complement the screen and fill in the space around it.



A quick sanding session and two more coats of white satin paint later.


Doesn’t the whole thing just look great?


Be sure to check out goyney on imgur for further details about his DIY home basement entertainment system.