DIY Wood Pallet Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

After losing their home to a fire back in 2012, one family decided to start rebuilding. They’ve also documented their build on a blog called “A Building We Shall Go”, while sharing useful information as well such as DIY trips, tricks and other methods they’ve used to rebuild and improve their home.

For this project, they wanted to spice up their living room with new hardwood floors. But, instead of buying new lumber or hiring a contractor, they went on and did things their way.

They managed to scrounge up some old wooden pallets.


Then began the deconstruction process.


Given the condition that the wood were in, they had to put a lot of work in to make them look new again.


Good thing for them was that they had a planer that made things a lot easier.


They then chose plywood for the foundation of the flooring.


Slow and steady, it took them some time to nail the pallets to the floor.


Things are looking pretty good now.


To clean and prep the wood for the necessary finishing touches, they applied a coat of mineral spirits.


They added a coat of finish that was similar to the ones used on basketball courts.


Voila, the floors in all their finished glory.


With the furniture in, their new living room now looks perfect.


What’s most inspiring is how the family has managed to turn everything around after the fire.

For more of their cool projects, be sure to check out their Twitter, Facebook and website.