Make a Swimming Pool Out Of Old Wooden Pallets

Having a pool in the backyard is something that most people wish for. It’s an expensive wish though, so most people just can’t afford to have one.

Facebook user Torben Jung wasn’t content with just dreaming, so he decided to do something about it. But, instead of spending mightily on a backyard pool, he decided to use some cheap, recycled materials to create one for himself.

The results are definitely something you’d want to try out in your backyard.

Jung used some old pallets he found online. He had some help from an instructional video for the design.


He ended up with the classic octagon pool shape without making any major changes to the pallets.

old-wooden-pallet-pool-2Next came the initial waterproof lining.


Even more lining.


Some wood sidings was necessary to create a finished look.


Now, it was time to see how the pool would look when filled.


The pool looking all good and finished.


He added a pump in the end to keep the pool clean, but even with that, the whole project only ended up costing him around 70 euros, or more or less 77 U.S dollars.

All things considered, that’s not exactly half bad for those who want their own pool in their backyards.