These Simple Home Upgrade Ideas Can Greatly Improve How Your House Looks

Improving your house’s aesthetics almost always mean you’ll have to spend a lot of money for construction and contractors. And, even when you spend money, there’s just no way to make sure that the contractors do their job well.

Considering how DIY home improvements are a pretty big deal these days, here are simple, yet high-impact home upgrades that you can actually do yourself (and not break your bank in the process!)

1. All that space under your stairs is just waiting to be used, so why not install a bookshelf or at least, just shelves for your shoes or other important things.



2. Having storage problems for your white wine, beer and other liquor? Why not install a hidden mini fridge in your kitchen and be done with it?



3. Install baseboard drawers so you don’t have to worry about having clunky kitchen storage drawers anymore.



4. DIY runners are a great alternative for carpets for your staircase



5. Tiered cake plates make for excellent storage places for toiletries, spices, and other useful kitchen items



6. Mix and match tiles on your bathroom to make it look more interesting



7. Paint the insides of your closet for added variety and design



8. Attics often look cramped, and it’s not just because they lack space, but because they’re usually dark. Create the illusion of space by covering the whole attic with light colors. You can even spruce up the whole place by adding some furniture.



9. Get yourself new soft, white bed linens for an all-white theme that should make your bedroom more relaxing.



10. Make your storage rooms even more useful by installing platforms for additional places for storage



11. Make your rooms look bigger by attaching framed mirrors to your closet doors. You can even paint them to match the overall theme for added effect.



12. Speaking of frames, framing your TV could drastically improve the overall look of your living room.



13. If you’ve ever wanted a canopy bed, a cheaper alternative would be to install PVC pipes (preferably plastic) and curtains in them.



14. Speaking of curtains, you can hang drapes on curved showed curtain rods to get yourself your very own bay windows, without the added cost.