Transform Your Backyard With Wooden Pallets, Concrete Blocks, and Wood Stain or Paint

What the DIYovers over at Hoosier Homemade just did to their backyard is proof that you don’t have to spend thousands on either materials or labor.

The results surely are something you’ll want to do in your own backyard.

First things first, the whole backyard had to be cleared out first.


The crafters then bought six wooden pallets from a local pallet manufacturer. Although, if you’re lucky enough, you can get some for free from local businesses if you ask around your area.


Wooden pallets may need some fixing, so be sure to make repairs and remove any stray nails first before assembly.


The crafters opted to stain the pallets using Olympics Solid Stain. Painting them would also be a good idea.


Holes were then dug for concrete blocks to act as the necessary base for the pallets.


Now for your deck. You can arrange the wooden pallets in any way you want. What’s important is that you make sure that the corner of each pallet sits on top of a corner of the concrete block for safety and stability.


Just like that, your backyard looks completely different. Feel free to add deck chairs and other decorations for added effect.


Who knew you could have such a beautiful backyard using just wooden pallets, concrete blocks, and some paint or stain?


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