Using a Sail To Drastically Change How Your Backyard Looks

Boring backyards are, well, boring. And, well, you certainly just can’t pull your backyard near the ocean for some view. But, Reddit user J-double-u didn’t let that stop him.

He found a sail on eBay, and used it to transform his boring backyard into something you’d definitely be jealous of.

This is his old deck, which isn’t exactly all too bad. But, you’d have to agree, it certainly could use some improvements.


This is the frame. The notches were then sawed out of the crossbeams to help accommodate additional support beams.


For added flair, he cut the edges of the crossbeam at a 45-degree angle.


Pictured here are the recently dug three-foot holes to help support the frame.


Around three bags of Postcrete were used to fill the holes.


Binnacle rings are then added into the side beams for the ropes that will be used to adjust the sails once they’re installed.


More binnacle rings. This time on the side of his house. A boat wench was then used to help raise and lower the sail.


The sail in all its glory.


Lattices were added later, as did the jasmine and honeysuckle for privacy.


Full detailed instructions HERE